Our Team

Dr. Robert T. Erickson
Director of Education
Dr. Robert T. Erickson is the Director of Education at Brighter Way Dental Center. In addition, he is also the Director of the Comprehensive Oral Implantology Residency program at Brighter Way, which is an affiliate training center for Jacksonville University’s newest post-doctoral, dental education program.
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Dr. Alice Hsieh
Surgical Prosthodontist
Dr. Alice Hsieh is a highly skilled prosthodontist who is also trained in the surgical placement of dental implants. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry, she has become an expert in all aspects of these fields.
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Dr. Michael Rosen
General Dentist / JU COIR Resident (PGY-2)
Michael Rosen, DMD, MPH, is a skilled general dentist who has taken an initiative to become an expert in all aspects of implant dentistry. He considers it an honor to share his skills and expertise with his patients and the entire dental community.
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Dr. Mohammed Al-Baghdadi
General Dentist / JU COIR Resident (PGY-1)
Dr. Mohammad Al-Baghdadi, DDS, BDS, MS(OS), PhD is a dentist with specific interest in oral implantology and surgery. He has been studying and practicing general dentistry and oral surgery for nearly two decades on three different continents.
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Dr. Joshua Basha
Dental Anesthesiologist
Dr. Joshua Basha, DMD, is a board-certified dental anesthesiologist who specializes in providing sedation to patients undergoing dental procedures. He is a third generation Arizonan who grew up in Chandler and graduated from Arizona State University.
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America Sanchez
Registered Dental Hygienist
America is a dedicated and compassionate dental hygienist with over 5 years of experience in the field of dental care. Her top priority has always been to help patients achieve optimal oral healthcare through personalized treatment plans and patient education.
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