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At its core, Brighter Way Institute was established with a singular vision in mind: to offer top-notch dental care services to everyone, with a particular focus on aiding the most vulnerable members of our society, including unsheltered individuals. If you are a patient from the community and are unable to afford quality dentistry, our Dental/Implant Surgery Center may be the perfect place for you.
As a non-profit organization, one of our main goals is to provide comprehensive and high-quality dental care at a discounted rate to individuals who are experiencing a decline in their quality of life and/or health due to a lack of sufficient funds for proper care. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers a beautifully appointed environment for your comfort.
By allowing us to treat your dental needs, you are also contributing to our primary mission of providing exceptional care to our veterans, the unhoused population, domestic violence victims, and many other vulnerable populations in need. We gladly accept most AHCCCS plans and private insurance, enabling us to provide treatment to patients who may be underinsured or lack insurance altogether. By adopting a pay-it-forward approach, we are able to deliver exceptional, empathetic care, irrespective of an individual's legal or financial circumstances.
Our patient-centered approach ensures that dental healthcare is more accessible, reliable, and secure. We are delighted to serve you and sincerely appreciate your support of our mission.
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