Dr. Alice Hsieh

Dr. Alice Hsieh

Dr. Alice Hsieh is a highly skilled prosthodontist who is also trained in the surgical placement of dental implants. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry, she has become an expert in all aspects of these fields.

Dr. Hsieh earned her dental degree from the prestigious University of California, San Francisco, while simultaneously pursuing her M.B.A at the University of San Francisco. Recognizing the importance of providing the best possible care to her patients, she decided to further her education by completing a three-year advanced training program in prosthodontics at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center.

To enhance her expertise in implant dentistry, Dr. Hsieh also obtained a certificate from an implant fellowship at Southern Illinois University. During this fellowship, she received extensive training in the surgical aspect of implant dentistry and had the opportunity to work as a faculty member in the dental student clinic.

Recently, Dr. Hsieh and her husband made the decision to relocate to the Valley in order to be closer to their family. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, engaging in crafting activities, and participating in outdoor pursuits such as biking and hiking. Additionally, she has developed a newfound passion for cooking.

Dr. Alice Hsieh is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to her patients, combining her extensive training and expertise with a warm and friendly approach.

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