Do Dental Implants Last Forever?

Dental Implants Can Last Your Lifetime

Dental Implants are becoming more popular each year to replace missing teeth. Chances are, you may know someone that has a dental implant. They are becoming more popular because they can literally last your whole lifetime if you take care of them. As with any dental procedure, you will always have ongoing care of that area. Whether it is cleaning the area, flossing the area, or only chewing soft foods on a certain tooth. With dental implants, depending on the type you get, normal hygiene practices can help your implant last.

Implant Hygiene

If you do have an implant procedure completed, make sure you follow the directions of your dentist to take care of the area. While an implant that is taken care of will last a lifetime, one that is not properly maintained could fail. Implants and teeth that are not properly cleaned can cause gum disease around the surrounding area. An implant that has infection around it, could cause the infection to also move between your bone and the implant. If this happens, your implant could fail and need to be taken out to prevent further infection.

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