Dental Implants Vs. Veneers

Dental Implants Vs. Veneers

Many people want the same thing, a beautiful smile. This can be achieved through several ways. Two of the ways that people seem to weigh their options on is whether to get dental implants or veneers. The answer to this question isn't straight forward because the two solutions are actually answers to two different problems. While veneers are used to mostly improve your teeth aesthetically, dental implants have an additional main function of replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants on the other hand are used to replace missing teeth. This includes placing an implant in the bone and attaching a fabricated dental crown to it. This is becoming a very popular dental service to replace single or several teeth in the mouth.

What Problems Do Implants Fix?

-replace missing teeth

-permanent option for replacing missing teeth

-improves chewing function when replacing a tooth


Veneers thin shells that are shaped like teeth and placed over teeth that have been prepped down. Veneers were and still are a very popular way to improve the shape and color of your teeth. Normally, veneers are used aesthetically to improve the front surface of the teeth. Because veneers can be made to any color, people will choose to have several veneers in a bright shade of white to improve their appearance.

What Problems Do Veneers Fix?

-build teeth back up after cleaning out a large cavity

-aesthetically to improve the shape of your teeth (chipped, damaged, or misaligned teeth)

-Aesthetically to improve the color of your teeth (the material doesn't stain as easily as tooth enamel)

The Difference

Both veneers and dental implants are popular services provided across the world. They definitely help improve your smile, but when it comes to dental implants vs. veneers, it boils down to what problem you are actually trying to fix. If you are trying to fix a tooth or teeth that are healthy but not very pleasing to eye, then veneers are a good option to go with. If you need to replace a missing tooth or teeth, then dental implants would be used in this situation. Always check with your local dentist about options to improve your smile and what options would be best for you.

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