What is a Comprehensive Exam?

A comprehensive exam is a complete head and neck assessment done by your dentist, ideally the first time you see them.  It involves examining the soft tissue of the face, neck, and mouth.  We also examine the teeth and the jaw joint (TMJ), and the way the teeth come together while you eat and chew.

We will then go over all our findings and explain any treatment needed.  Our goal is to educate our patients so we can work together towards optimum oral health.

How could you benefit from a Comprehensive Exam?

  • To identify any health risks that you may have
  • To identify current teeth and gum conditions
  • To identify caries before they cause further decay
  • To create a treatment plan so you understand what you need and your options for services
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Comprehensive Exams
A comprehensive exam is a complete head and neck assessment done by your dentist...
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